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Full Lips or Lip Gloss effect?

Permanent lip makeup treatment can replace your favorite lip gloss or lipstick, and assures perfect looking lips all day long, everyday! Apply some clear lip gloss or balm to add some shine or leave bare for a trendy matte look. Permanent lip makeup is achieved by implanting pigment within the superficial layers of the skin.

Why have permanent lip makeup?

This treatment is perfect for you if: you are tired of reapplying lipstick you have loss of lip colour you have cold, dark lips and want to add a warmer colour you want to cover Fordyce granules you want to correct slight asymmetry you want the colour to stay put regardless of the activity – no smudging with SPMU!

What is permanent lip makeup?

Permanent lip make up can enhance the beauty of the lips by adding definition and richer colour. It can conceal hyper/hypopigmentation after trauma or, for the sufferers of Fordyce granules, correct slight asymmetry and shape.

Does the lip permanent make up hurt?

Most clients give this procedure a maximum of 5 on a scale of 1 to 10 for pain level. The most sensitive area of the lips is the Cupids bow. It's important to remember that pain is different for everyone and multiple factors can affect the level of comfort during the procedure. Technician’s skill level: the more skilled and qualified a technician is, the less likely they are to inflict unnecessary trauma to the skin. Please choose your technician wisely. Choice of equipment: it is extremely important that high quality equipment and needle cartridges are used. Using the right tools can significantly increase the comfort level of the procedure. All of us have different pain thresholds which can change from time to time depending on various things such as stress level or even the time of the month for us ladies! Hunger, fear, tiredness and other stressor may result in greater levels of sensitivity. Please make sure that you have had something to eat before any procedure. Always make sure to ask any questions you may have in advance. Getting your questions answered can reduce any anxiety you may be experiencing and lower your stress levels. Ladies, we recommend booking your appointment before or after your period. Let's avoid that time as we can be particularly sensitive during those days. Although modern techniques allow us to perform the treatment without use of any numbing agents, you may wish to consider using a topical anesthetic if your pain threshold is very low.

How long does permanent lip makeup last?

On average, results last 18-24 months, up to 36 months in some cases. However, this will always vary from person to person. It is also affected by equipment and product used, chosen technique, aftercare and individual circumstances such as skin type, age, lifestyle and health conditions.

Why do I need to come for touch up, and when?

Permanent makeup is a 2-step treatment. Time for booking a touch-up can differ from person to person depending on the skin type and age. For younger clients, 4 weeks is advisable; clients who are 55+ are advised to book their touch up between 6-8 weeks post first treatment. This is due the speed of skin renewal and the heeling processes. The older we get, the longer it takes for our skin to fully recover. Important! Touch-up is included in the price of your first appointment. Please do not skip it! This session is necessary to make any small adjustments to the shape or colour (if needed) and to fill in any areas where pigment may have not implanted after the first procedure.

What shall I do prior to the treatment?

Please do not take any blood thinning medication or substances such as aspirin, ibuprofen, vitamin E, caffeine or alcohol any less than 24 hours before treatment. Please wait at least 2 weeks before treatment if you’ve had any invasive facial treatments such as microneedling, mesotherapy, dermabrasion, laser lifting, botox, etc. You must wait at least 3 weeks after lip fillers procedure. If you're prone to cold sores, lip tattooing can induce these. You may want to ask your GP to prescribe antiviral medication a couple of days prior to the appointment to prevent any outbreak.

What to expect after the procedure?

Light to moderate oedema (swelling) is normal as blood flow is stimulated during the treatments. The shape may appear uneven due to swelling which usually fades within 4-24 hours. Lips may feel tender to the touch and will look darker and more like lipstick during the next few days. The colour will fade up 60% (depending on the technique and desired effect – gloss or full lip) once the healing process is completed. If you're prone to cold sores, lip tattooing can induce these. You may want to ask your GP to prescribe antiviral medication a couple of days prior to the appointment to prevent any outbreak.

Is it safe?

  • Appropriate PPE is always used during treatment.
  • Only disposable needles are used to perform the procedure.
  • The equipment that cannot be treated in a high temperature sterilising chamber is covered with disposable plastic sheets to ensure that there is no cross contamination.
  • All working areas are cleaned and treated with professional antibacterial & antiviral products at the begin and end of the working day, and before and after each client.

Aftercare recommendations.

  • Use fresh bedding and towels
  • Keep the area clean and avoid touching the treated area.
  • If any lymph (clear liquid on the treated area) is produced, use sterile swabs and saline solution to gently dab the area clean. Do not press hard!
  • (The swabs and saline are included in your aftercare pack)
  • Use ointment from your aftercare pack to keep the lips moisturized. Do not use your fingers to get the balm out of the pot. Please instead use the individually packed toothpicks provided to avoid any bacteria getting into the pot.
  • Avoid scratching, rubbing and picking the crust that may develop.
  • Avoid sleeping with your face on the pillow until the flaking has stopped.
  • Avoid prolonged water activities such as swimming, long bathing, singing in the shower and heavy sweating in the gym, sauna or elsewhere.
  • No facials, Botox, chemical/mechanical peels or lip fillers for at least four weeks post treatment.
  • Do not eat or drink anything that is too hot
  • Do not eat or drink anything that may discolour the tissues. Use a straw if necessary.



Aquarelle Lips- £280

Full Lips- £280


Touch-Up up to 12 month after the last visit- 50%  

Touch-Up over 12 month after the last visit- 60%

Touch-Up over 24 month after the last visit- 100%

Touch-Up after a different artist- please contact

First touch-up (done 4-6 weeks after the initial procedure) is FREE. In unlikely events when  more than one following visit needed to complete the look it will be priced at 30% of the original cost.

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